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So, we have passed 10,000 members on the AlfaBB, so you probably have about 10,000 opinions on what to do. Anyway, here is one of them. Given that you have a "limited" budget, I would:
1. Leave brakes completely stock, but with good pads and fluid.
2. Do every single suspension bushing and tranny, engine, etc. mount.
3. Rebuild shift-linkage (Performatek).
4. Use completely stock 3.0 24v engine, including Motronic if you have all the pieces (matfo on has a thread related to putting a 24v into his gtv6).
5. Do all oil seals on the engine while it is out (unless you know for a fact that they are good).
6. Use rebuild stock drive shaft + components, and drive it smoooooooothly.
7. Since your goal is a reliable car, I would suggest focusing on mechanical rebuild. Just the maintenance items will eat your budget quickly.
8. If you have money left I would do Ron's RSR 4 corners and the front sway bar.

If you are bored after all that work you could start doing some of all the other upgrades.

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