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I am looking to buy a GT Junior from a private seller in The Netherlands. I have a basic understanding of the process on my receiving end on the U.S. regarding shipping, customs, and forms like the HS-7 and 3520-1 for NHTSA and EPA (it meets the 25-year rule and I'm importing to the state of Washington so there should be no issues there), respectively because I did this with a Giulia Super back in 2007. But, last time the seller was familiar with the process for an international sale and the car was registered in Belgium so I wasn't involved in that part of it.

This time, I'd like to help this seller out with what needs to be done on their end to be able to sell and export the car to me since they've never done this. I see there is some deregistration process and then there are export documents that need to be prepared. Does anyone have any experience with this process, specifically for The Netherlands (I believe it's even more complicated and slow for Italy), in order to help me help the seller? Maybe I should be looking to hire some kind of agent in The Netherlands to help with this part of the process? I wouldn't mind paying a fee if there is some real work and expertise involved so any references on who I might contact is also appreciated.

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