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Problems with Speedo in Montreal

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I just got my 92 spider S4 Automatic :), everything works perfectly on the car it has 50k kilos and original rubber,original british green, it has been really pampered. The only two things that dont work :( are the speedo works intermittently, once I have it up to 120 KPM it reacts and then works unless I leave it a day or two...I had some other cars where you could lubricate the speedo cable???? What to do.....

The other issue is the AC :( , is it worth having it fixed, can I just recharge the refrigerant??????
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Congratulations, I would go tire shopping real soon. Twenty year old tires are dangerous. I am a purist and if my Alfa had A/C I would have pulled it off before my girlfriend noticed it and made me drive with the top up on hot days.. BLASPHEMOUS! My opinion not withstanding you can take it to any shop that recharges A/C. I am not familiar enough with your spedo but some white lithium grease on the transmission end can't hurt, give it a good cleaning sounds like some crud is in there.
when I first saw this i thought you had a problem with an Alfa Montreal speedo!

So an auto S4? Not so sure you have a speedo cable on that one (someone know for sure?)

AngloSpider, a member in the UK had problems with his auto S4 speedo. The auto speedo sender is different to the manual sender, and you cannot buy it anymore....never seen them s/h either to be honest!
What you have is an impulse generator sender screwed directly into the right hand side of the gearbox, that sends a pulse to the speedo. On an auto spider you have in any case to drop the auto transmission down somewhat (as if you were going to replace the rear gearbox mount) to replace it.
Might be worth getting under there and at least checking the wires are intact and not chafing somewhere.
On the manual spider which also has a speed pulse generator fed by a speedo cable from the gearbox, then wires from th sender go directly to the Speedometer itself, going through fuse #7 (7th fuse from the left in the pull down fuse box)
I would check that in case the auto sensor runs through the same fuse (don't see why it shouldn't)....pull the fuse and clean the contact or replace.
Photo from the manual shows the location.
This link shows what it looks like as well as what it looks like inside, when Anglo got through gently opening it:)


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Thanks guys for the great replies, ya montreal the location, not the car, great starting point....keep sending, i now just discovered an oil leak, i suppose this is expected on 20 yr old cars, what else should i typically worry about...i will star a ne tread top ten issues
That Pulse unit

Got to that pulse sensor, thanks serie 4, found the wires which are covered with a sleeve and the sensor is covered with a boot. I TRIED TO TAKE PICS but the sensor is very close to the frame, Am i to assume you cannot unscrew it enough to remove, it looks like it might come out far enough. Any way it looked like new under the boot but oily? In fact the whole underside was quite oily. What could i clean the sensor with, the two terminals go through a white plastic insulator, i mean in situe of course.......
Just to confirm, SS4 is right, there is no cable or mechanical drive, just the wires straight from the sensor in the gearbox.

Given that it starts to work at 120 I would guess it is vibration that is making it work and would try at the speedo head end first. The connections to the circuit board can get a bit loose, there are three prongs on the back of the head that fit into sockets on the board. You may need to squeeze these to get a tighter fit.
I've just re-done mine after I got fed up having to smack the pod to get the speedo to function.

If you want to check the sensor sender you can do the following:
It needs a power supply so check the pink and black wire to the sensor. It should be live when the ignition is on.
There is no earth/ground wire as it grounds though the body of the sensor.
The other, grey, wire is for the signal. The signal is strong enough to light a 12v led. So you can test by putting rear of car on axle stands, under the axle itself, hooking up an led +ve lead to the connector for signal, and the -ve to any ground point on the car. Then start the car. The led should be lit up - the pulses will be coming so fast that you will not see the light flashing.
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I cleaned the terminal on the sender, worked perfectly then stopped again, over the length of wire were some tie wraps, i didnt like the look of them, they looked a bit tight, i loosened and so far so good but frankly there is no link kind of random. It could have been uniquely the car vibration.
Also without sounding stupid you put the car in drive on rhe stands right?

Does anyone know if my low mileage and speedo may be related?
Yes, put it in drive.

The low mileage could be related as the speedometer and odometer are driven by the same signal.
where to find a speedo sender

Guys where would i look for the speedo sender for an automatic series 4......Is this veglia borletti sender common to other alfas or fiats?
Guys where would i look for the speedo sender for an automatic series 4......Is this veglia borletti sender common to other alfas or fiats?
I know it is 2 years old now, but this guy in Montreal actually was trying to sell one....whether he managed to? worth asking..though he hasn't been around BB for at least a year now!
Does anyone have a name for this chap, being from Montreal he would be easy for me to find, I emailed him???
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