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Have tried removing the power steering pump on my 24v 164 and it seems a maze of hard to get to bolts. Does anyone use any special tools for this or am I just being lame?
Is there any residual pressure in the system to be wary of when undoing the pipes?
What happens if power steering fluid is used instead of ATF fluid?
My replacement pump has been off a car for 2 years, banion bolts in the pipe holes. Are the seals still likely to be OK or should I replace them?
If replacing the seals there are a lot of kits that match the same ZF part number but with very different prices for different vehicles. Can the differences be so great or is it just car snobbery?

I also had the big steering rack gaitor changed recently and the garage wound in too much damping so steering feel lost. What do I need to do to reduce the damping? Can I just undo the end nut on the damping rail (left of car when sitting inside) a turn or two?


1995 164 24v 3.0 Super
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