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I was getting a lot of power steering fluid consumption so I pulled the pump to see what I could do. The shaft seal is still available but I'd heard the internal O-rings were NLA. There's a posting out there of someone who used sealant rather than the O-ring and it appeared to work out well but I wanted to use the correct O-Ring if possible.

Turns out they're McMaster-Carr PN 1171N155, square profile O-ring, 2mm wide and 10mmID. Fit perfectly and replaced rubber that had stiffened into hard plastic. I didn't notice the much larger, thinner O-ring around the boss until I was putting it back together though but a little sealant there should be OK.

Wear old clothes! Working with hydraulics is nasty messy.

I've got extra and could put a set in an envelope if you need some.


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