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Power Door Mirrors

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Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I'm new to Alfa cars. I'm in the process of trying to purchase a 1991 west coast Alfa spider automatic and would like to know what the differences are between the power door mirrors on the 1991-1994 and the earlier cars. ( I know, the manual mirrors work!) A PO removed the original power door mirrors and replaced them with some manually operated mirrors. If I purchase this car, which I think I will, I would want to restore the mirrors back to the originals. I have no idea whether there was any difference between the earlier cars and the 91-94 models. Are these mirrors available either new or used, and from who?
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It took me a while to find a replacement drivers' side mirror for my 94. Found one after 1.5 years on eBay. Probably from a parted out car. Needs to be repainted (from yellow to red).
Persistence pays, keep looking on eBay and elsewhere for used parts. Meanwhile, use your manual ones and enjoy the view of those onlookers admiring your beautiful car as you pass them by.
Alfa Parts Exchange is always worth a try.
As you might already be aware, I bought the white 91 Alfa Spider automatic and I also bought a red 91 Spider 5 spd parts car with less than 11000 original miles on it. I now have new mirrors, a new top, new carpet, and who knows what else. If you need some parts let me know. BTW, I pick up my white Automatic in two weeks.
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