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Since I officially deem the new engine broken in, I figured I would check lash and play with overlap.
#3 intake was a bit tight, .008 but it always was. #2 exhaust was .009 but everything else is right on spec so next order I will get appropriate shims and get that squared away. New shims already calculated.
I had already found my P/V limits but thought I would check again. Everything was as before so I set the exhaust to the closest "hole" I could without interference and narrowed the LSA a bit too with the intake. I am still a bit leery with setting the intake because of VVT calculations and wondering if the VVT is even working, just dont feel it like I did before the rebuild so I am proceeding cautiously....
Anyway, with all the engine mods, cam settings, and free flow exhaust the overall performance has been transformed. At idle there is a low, loping growl and then at about 4K rpm, when before it seemed the engine began to lose acceleration and torque, this engine just wakes up and screams like a murder hornet. It seems happiest it the higher rpm range but under 2K it is just a bit harder to drive.
Lotsa time and money rebuilding basically everything that moves on this car but I smile from ear to ear whenever I get behind the wheel....
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