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possible new owner

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hello. I live in Southern California nd I'm considering my first Alfa. It's a 74 1750. i was wondering if the rear plastic window can be replced or if the whole top needs to be replced when the rear plastic window is no longer good. What is the average cost for a new black cloth top? Thanks! I hope I get this car sometime next week. Also, what are the common issues other than rust, that I should lookout for in this car? I'm stepping in from the world of Porsches and I'd really like to know this car a bit better before I pull the trigger. once again Thanks!
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my 74 is a 2 liter. the top usually costs from 250 to 450 dollars from the usual sources. dont try carabou, they nevr deliver. a place in Wichita Ks. said they could replace the plastic window, but it was more than half the cost of a new top, and the old top leaked too. watch for corossion problems in the electrical, both fuse box and grounds. I have done most of the work on mine and I am not a mechanic, just an electrician.
the usual problems are those of most older cars, hoses, belts, seals and such.
It is possible to replace just the plastic window, but, by the time the top needs a new window, the rest is probably past its prime, too. It did it once on my MGA when I was student and didn't have enough money to aford a new top. I cut out the old window and glued in a new piece of clear plastic. I used contact cement, IIRC. Worked OK for a couple of years...

If the '74 you are looking at has the SPICA FI system, scroll down on the forum's main page to the 'Carbs & FI' section to read about that system.

Otherwise, as Cliff says, Alfas fall prey to the same things any old car does - rust being the worst, and DPO ([email protected] Previous Owner) screw-ups next.
another problem is that of having extreme cramps in your smile muscles when it is running right. driving my 95 ranger pickup dont cause that.
A '74 should have a 2L engine, unless it's been replaced by a 1750.

There's lots of previous threads on buyers inspection, but as you know, rust is the most important. Check the rockers and floors under the floor mats, and the spare tire well.

When driving, check for weak synchromesh, especially on 2nd gear.

A good quality cloth top costs about $300. Check this thread for suppliers and costs:

I recommend download the parts catalogs from IAP, Centerline, and Vicks to give you an idea of what replacement parts are going to cost.

Read this thread:
Thank You gentleman. I did find out that the car has an earlier engine, and does have the Spica FI. The car runs well and feels good. It needs lots of work, but that's tends to be the pleasure of owning an old car. Thanks alot. And I hope to be here constantly, once I get this car in my possesion
good luck and post pictures once you get it.
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