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Possible eBay fraud-'66 Sprint GT

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I'm not sure what this guy is up to, but he's listed a '66 step nose for sale on ebay and he's using pictures of my car to do it. I bought this car several months ago from Fantasy Junction in Emeryville Ca. and this person just copied the photos from their web site. Buy/bidder beware.

eBay Motors: Alfa Romeo : GIULIA SPRINT GT STEP (item 170169155132 end time Nov-17-07 15:45:00 PST)
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More than likely, the seller is unaware that his id has been compromised... This is not unusual. It is most certainly fraudulent, not just because the "seller" is presenting detailed pics of a car that he doesn't own, but note the fact that he will take whatever money ends up as the high bid. I've reported the listing to ebay for investigation.

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It's been happening more and more on Ebay. Someone with a decent feedback rating gets his ID Hi Jacked they post a car for sale and gets very low sale price and then bills through that sellers account but with a different paypal email address so they can collect payment. I don't know how they are getting peoples passwords but I'm sure that's what's happening. It happened a few weeks ago with that orange Montreal from NJ. It sold for over 30K then pops up with same pics three weeks later in Il with a "Buy It Now" of 11K. The seller had a 100% rating I think with 40 or so feedbacks so if you were not careful you'd think it was legit.
It was a lazy couple of days...was just 'surfing'...found 53 frauds in ebay motors!!!!!
Thank God they were not all Alfa Romeo's....Ed K
I don't know how they are getting peoples passwords...
They see you have a good feedback rating then send you an email through ebays 'contact member' form that says "I never got my limited edition FUBU Air Jordans (or whatever), I want my $400 back!" There is a link to sign in to ebay on the page and you are thinking ***? so you click the link and sign in to ebay but you aren't signing in to ebay, you're transmitting you user name and password to the sender. If you realize what you did, and are quick, you can go to ebay and immediately change your password. It's good to know where the 'change password' form is. This happened to me and I had to hunt for 5 frustrating minutes to figure out how to change my password. Luckily I avoided the trap. This is why ebay says to never deal with anyone on ebay business outside of being signed in to ebay.
Yes, so true! That is why I only reply to emails sent to my personel address once I have logged into Ebay and go into "My Ebay" to confirm it shows up there too.
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