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poss. extra tie rod ends..

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alfa spider..thr. m14-1.50 male( of course:):) )large taper...57" small taper .50" lenght of taper .75" centre of tir rod end to end of threading 3.62" napa part no.269-3047 / poss. canidates.. / 269-2348 large taper .56" small taper .50" lenght of taper .71" total lenght 3.54" / 269-2351 large .56" small .50" lenght .71 total lenght 3.54" / 269-2387 large .58" small .49" lenght of taper .70" total lenght 3.54" / 269-2639 large .58" small .49" lenght of taper .73" total lenght 3.84 this on take a m10-1.00 nut on the taper,, use a bigger washer.. all the rest use a m12-1.50 thread on the taper.. this is from a napa catalog i went thru today.. only ones the same or off at most .02" up to you if you want to use this... had a lot of british cars when i way younger..learned to adapt.
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Just took a peek on NAPA's website to see what the prices on these were.

Alfa Tie Rod: $35/ea
269-3047: $25.99/ea (Inner)
269-2348: $25.99/ea (Lists Inner/Outer under P/N)
269-2351: $28.49/ea (Lists Inner/Outer under P/N)
269-2387: $37.99/ea (Outer Only)
269-2639: $65.99/ea (Outer Only) :eek:

Might be useful in the future if the supply of tie rods from the usual sources dries up or if you desperately need a tie rod. I did notice that my local Napa had one or two of those part numbers currently in stock.

Spruell Motorsports currently lists Alfa tie rods at $89.50 for a set of 6.
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this made me look at parts geek, 71- 74 s.beetle are ( left hand tread 19.95 each but i really hate mail local bugformance 19.95.. no shipping charges, no waiting 3-7 working days.. or if you buy the tie rod compleate.. only 35.00 pretty cheap :)
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