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Police spider

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Came across this model of a 70 spider in Europian police clothes. Does anyone know if this actually happened or is this just the model makers fantasy?
Seems pretty far fetched.


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Sorry, I should have posted this in the history section. Maybe one of the moderators could move this?
Yepp, it's a Dutch Spider used by the Polica in Holland. I think there are more pics at Alfa Romeo Spider Register - Welkom op onze Website , the Dutch Spider Club.

Cordially Wille R.
Thanks Willie,
Still hard to believe the police would be driving around in convertibles?:cool:
It’s something that would never happen in the States.
In fact the Dutch police used to drive in convertible porches (911). That is no longer the case
I've been wanting to buy that model for a while, but I think the asking price is a little out of my range. It would be a neat piece to have, however!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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