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II found that this company Malpassi makes a fuel regulator/filter very
similar to the original in my 66 GTV. There are several vendors in the USA, but the company makes a version for Alfas with the outlet on top, that I found
on their Italian website. Seems none of the USA vendors have this Alfa

More research shows the part is available in the UK, and even with
shipping cheaper than the US vendors, even with fast shipping.

Available here:
- fuel system
halfway down the page.

Detail on the gizmo, from the manufacturer:
Malpassi Officina Meccanica - Official WebSite

I ordered this part from Classic Alfa last Thursday night before new years, and received it in Southern California this morning. I should note that the non-alfa version was available from a well-known weber distributor in Northern California, but they couldn't ship until the holiday was over, so they would have taken longer to get the part, and it would have cost more, and it wouldn't have been the Alfa specific part. Amazing what you can do over the web!
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