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Hi Gang,

I still have plenty of parts for GTV6s sitting on shelves, plus one last organ donor that remains pretty much intact. The only non-GTV6 bits I have is an Alfetta transaxle--- complete from the front tip of the deDion frame to the rear wheels. As I can't use this assembly on my own GTV6 project, I'll let that go cheap. Also, received a large box of parts from Holland that I am to try to sell for a friend over there. So, some in that lot are Euro specific, like a KPM speedo and others. Quite a few bits that are not for GTV6s. May lay those out at some point for a group portrait to show. Easier than trying to ID parts I'm not familiar with.

Let me know if I can help with any components you might be in the hunt for to complete your ALFA. Thanks.

[email protected]
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