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Hi I am relatively new on this site, but I had just Alfa Romeo cars in last 15 years. Recently I bought an 1975 Spider and now I need to restore.
I just bought for my car an 2000cm engine AR00512****** with standard pistons and liners.
The cranckshaft,flywheel and pulley are balanced. the cylinder head has C&B cams Road maximum ( AR.ST1- 292 degrees), .
I intend to build this engine using following parts :
1.a new electronic programmable 123ignition with 16 programs
2. a ported intake manifold to 45 mm and a pair of new Solex 45 mm carbs with 34 choke venturi.
3. long solid carbs mounts 45mm diameter to improve the torque
4. a new Facet electric fuel pump
5. oil radiator
6. Spal electrofan for radiator
7. big bore exhaust system 4:1 stainless steel with a single rear muffler Sebring 76 mm from a Spider S4
8. GTA 90 degrees long rampipes SPRINT FILTERS with ITG foam filters
Now I have following questions:
1. It is better to use on this configuration (standard pistons and liners) these Solex 45 mm carbs or is better to use my 40mm Dellorto DHLA (no letter) carbs with 32 choke venturi and a standard 40 mm intake manifold with 40 mm long solid mounts?
I want to build a strong engine but totally safe, not push to the maximum because I will not use this car for track day, hillclimb, or rally races.
Can anyone advise how to use these parts to build an optimal configuration for my car?
I tried to find the Jim Kartalamakis book but I didn`t found translated in English language at a reasonable price for me, until now.
Please let me know if the ported manifold will improve the power of the engine or it will be increase just the fuel consumption with non significant power increase.
Thank you for all your opinions and advices
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