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Pistons alternatives

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I need new pistons and a original set are very hard to come by down here. I found a table of pistons that could be used with some mods. However i'm not sure what modifications would be necessary.

Nissan Z22 87mm 32mm 21mm
Nissan Z24 89mm 34,8mm 21mm
Daewoo 2.0 SE 86mm 30,4mm 21mm
Daewoo 1,8 SV 84,8mm 33,65mm 21mm

Those pistons are fairly easy to find here. I was wondering if anyone has used those pistons on a 1.5 alfasud engine.

I need to buy a set of pistons ASAP.
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I have some NOS pistons. Most are 80mm but I also have 3 x 84mm (60750642) and 4 x 87mm (60750789). All still in their boxes. Send me an email directly if you're interested?

I found a set locally. I still need the front bushings for a sud.
Also subaru pistons from ej15 could be fit.....
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