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Happy 4th everyone! I'm finally getting around to re-assembling the motor and reading the repair manual I just want to make sure I orient the rings correctly. The manual states gaps every 120 degrees but does not show it in relation to the front of engine. So I have attached a pic of #1 piston with arrows and roman numerals indicating the 120 degree spacing.

Now #1 compression ring should be at I? and #2 compression ring at II? or should the both be on exhaust or intake sides? Read to much on the manual and hastings ring instructions and I'm confused. The oil control ring top gap at III? and lower gap at IV?

Thanks for all the help,


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When I rebuilt mine, I followed this pattern.

I marked each piston to help me align all the gaps. The wrist pin openings are in the middle here, L and R. You do not want any gaps over the wrist pin openings.

O - Oil control spring ring
TC - Top compression ring
2nd - 2nd compression ring
TR - Top rail oil control ring
BR - Bottom rail oil control ring

Auto part Metal Steel Pipe Gas

Good luck,

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