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Hi all:
Just a note about the new Pierburg fuel pump I just put on my spider sourced from Centerline. Very quite and I have never had the FP light go out so quickly, just a blink! This is on an '80 so it is a (modified) Spica, not the single throttle body that came with the car, but a '75 Alfetta pump and manifold. I can't vouch for the longivity yet, but it is an easy fit with no modification needed for my car and seems to work quite well.
Getting the FI timing right (180 out before) along with advancing the EX cam about 3deg. has changed the character of the car also! Much better punch above about 3000 with no loss of low end that I can feel. More in character of how I remember my old GTVs (1750-2000) performing!

Dave G.
P.S. Any aftermarket air filters that anyone recommends? The Alfetta box will not accomodate the Radiator overflow bottle/Oil seperator locations on the '80 as some of this was located on the old intake casting/plenum.
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