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Pictures of your Alfa needed

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Over a year ago I produced a calendar for the computer desktop. Every time you start up your computer the file checks the day number so it can show a different Member Car each day of the month.

Now I want to create a new one with fresh pictures.

So please send pictures of your own Alfa (min. 800x600 pixels) to me and don't forget to mention your member name as well. My email address is: [email protected]

The desktop calendar will look like this:


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Nice pictures. I already received a couple picture by email. Keep 'm coming!
Are these to your interest?


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I am really satisfied so far. It looks like I will have enough picture before the end of next week.

If you want your Alfa featured on the calendar, you better hurry :D
A great idea ! Really enjoy you're videos, so artistic!!


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@baboon: you actually own these alfas? :eek:
Is this a commercial venture or something we'll be able to download for free?

100% Free :D

Thanks for doing this. I sent you an email with three pics of our '76 Spider. Looking forward to seeing your completed project, especially if the pics above are an indication of what you're producing.

How about newest alfas? Are they acceptable?
How about newest alfas? Are they acceptable?
Of course they are. It is a Member Car Calendar (must be an Alfa though).

The youngest entries so far are the 33 and 164.
There's so pics on the way to you hans....:D
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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