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Pics of Rafael Barrios - GTAm?

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Just curious if anyone has links to pictures of the #24 Barrios GTAm from about 1970. I have a slot car model of this car, and really like the white and red two-two tone color scheme. I might duplicate it on my car at some point, but would love to have more pictures to go by.

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# 24 around 1970

Hi Erik,

Could you tell us where this GTAm used to race around 1970?
Was it in Europe, in the States, in Australia, elsewhere?

Ciao, Olaf
I believe in Europe.

I am looking for the picture I have of Rafael Barrios in the ETCC at Monza, in Division 2. He drove for Jolly Club in Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm.

Monza 4 hours

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Italy

Date: 19/3/1972
Track length: 5.774 m
Attendance: 20.000
Entries accepted: > 100
Starters: 45
Finishers: 17 (15 classified)

Pole position: Glemser, 1.42,8
Fastest lap: Glemser, 1.41,8 = 203,339 kmh

Distance: 4 hours
Average speed: 194,221 kmh
Weather: cloudy but dry
Ruleset: Group 2/70

Pos Pos in class # Team / EntrantCar- Engine Drivers, Nationality Enginevol. (cc) Engineype Group Distance,time Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out

Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm Jorge de Bagration, E Rafael Barrios, E 1985 L4 Div. 2 122 17 1.53,0
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Hi Erik,

Can you post a picture of your slot car?

I tried to find one of #24 in the photos I've got stored on my hard drive but couldn't find one. It might help if I had a reference to go by in case the number is hidden on a photo.

Here's a slot car pic pulled from the internet.



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Solved the puzzle

Dear members,

Have a look at this thread.

We solved the puzzle.

Ciao, Olaf
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