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I just mounted a Facet red top, somewhat vertically and at the back of the car, left side, just infront of the fuel tank. see photo although note that the exhaust is removed. My car has never had an electric pump so I didnt have the braket shown above and so I used the Facet rubber mounts.

The advantages of this spot are the proximity to the tank, the "almost" vertical mounting and the simple plumbing into the existing rubber fuel hose which runs between the tank and the metal fuel line.

However Im worried about the proximity to the exhaust. What do people think? any idea how hot it gets near the rear silencer? is the fire risk too high if a fuel hose were to fail? The original arrangement also had a rubber hose in this location, but then I guess with the mech. pump, there would be less fuel going everywhere in the event of a failed hose.

I think my wiring and plumbing is solid, but now this thought is in my head, Im not sure how comfortable I am.... anyone else used this location?


1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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