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perhapse a slight problem with the 1977 spider

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Whenever I accelerate from first to second, it feels like something is shaking underneath me. the car is doing something it has never done before. Im not sure if its the transmission, it doesnt happen when I accelerate very slowly but it shakes when I do so fairly quick. the ride quality is not so unbarable that I wouldn't drive the car, but it would give me something to work on.

any advice for a newbie mechanic to dissemble and assemble again? to get the jist of how alfa romeo works or so that everytime something does go wrong I do not have to drive the alfa all the way up to los angeles being that I am an hour drive away?

thanks I appreciate your time.
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if its kind of a thump in first only, check your drive line. the guibo, rear trans mount, carrier bearing and support, u joints and such can do this.
my 74 used to have 4 thumps in first, sometimes 1 or 2 in second if I pushed really hard.
I would agree. Mine was making all kinds of noises due to a worn Hardy-SPicer joint (UJ) - its an easy fix and once done made the car a delight to drive once more.
Dittos for my '88 and the teenager's '78.
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