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Performance Exhaust for 16V in 'Sud berlina

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For anyone who has been following my upgrade of a '76 'Sud berlina to a 16V powertrain (keeping the stock Bosch fuel injection), I am now in the process of sorting out the exhaust. I am keeping the inboard front disc brakes and would like to install the best possible system. Does anyone have any suggestions? Here are a few questions:

• Is the crossover exhaust the best performance idea? How much HP and Torque does it add? I thought that the original Ansa system was supposed to be a major improvement. Does the crossover make the car sound better or worse? Technically, it should result in better performance due to superior pulsing of the cylinder output.

• What pipe diameter is best for this system?

• My engine came from a German car (engine I.D. #: AR307470002855). I'm not sure if it had a catalytic converter on it as standard. Does anyone know? And do I need to keep the cat due to the Bosch F.I., meaning is the computer looking for an 02 sensor and will not run correctly if I eliminate the cat?

• If a cat is required, I will probably use the super free-flow 8100 series from What diameter in/out would work best with the rest of the system?

• Is anyone familiar with the original Ansa system? The expert at the U.S. Ansa warehouse told me that he can match a resonator (if needed, or replaced by the cat?) and muffler to a new one in their catalog if I can give him the dimensions from the original system.
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  • From what I've heard the crossover exhaust makes the exhaust note a little busier.
  • For a road going 16v, I think no bigger then 2 1/4"
  • There is no difference in the FI on cat, and non-cat cars. The only difference is the cat. The o2 sensor goes before the catalytic converter so it doesn't matter..

As for the last 2 points I have no idea.

Has anybody got any advice about exhaust diamiter for a 1.7 16V engine, would 2 1/4" pipe into a 2.5" out twin tip muffler be to free flowing, or would the engine be able to maintain correct back pressure?
Cross exhaust gives better torqe because it compines the the back pressure of 2 different cylinders at every stroke. Thats why the sound is a little bit different...
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