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Patched Connector Help Identifying

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Hello guys,

I am working on my 92 164S, I just finished replacing head gaskets and I redid the top end to get ready to sell, and have this connector that was spliced by the cars PO which I suspect might have always been disconnected. For the life of me I cannot seem to locate where this is supposed to plug into and since I cannot find my CDs I also do not have wiring diagrams to be able to locate where it belongs. Seems like the PO had tried to repair some worn out wiring but utilized a connector with different wire colors so I took a pic of the connector itself (which has different colors than the original connector) to see if maybe someone can recognize where this is supposed to go to.

I took some pics of the two-wire-connector on one end, and then some of where the wiring starts, looks like the right color code should have been a yellow and black wire configuration but a connector with black and grey/red was used instead (two random yellow wires were used to splice and extend).

I appreciate any help in advance,I am getting ready to sell this one and will post later today on the for sale forum.

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Are you saying it comes up from under master cylinder on drivers side goes behind engine? Can you see starting harness by master cylinder?
Hi Steve, it starts by Master Cylinder, looks like PO routed it up and zip-tied to fuel rail that runs along firewall all the way to Pass. Side strut tower/upper motor mount.

I’ll look and see where it originated but if I am correct harness originates through firewall.

Long time no speak, great to hear from you.
I'll see what there is on mine when get under the bonnet again this evening. Seems odd to have a two-pin connector around there, most of them are 3-pin.
Is it for a light by any chance? Can see someone has modified an original pair of wires. If everything is working maybe just quietly put it back and forget about it?
Is it long enough to reach a fog light?
You'll have 5, I think, connectors in that area that are all the same style connector.

Yellow & Black: Plugs into bottom of master cylinder. It looks like something else is already plugged into yours.
Pink & White: Plugs into reverse light switch on top of trans - the switch with black housing.
Black & White/Black stripe: Plugs into CDS switch on top of trans - the switch with gray housing.
Green/White Stripe & Gray/black stripe: Plugs into throttle body pigtail.
Gray & Pink/Black stripe (I think): Plugs into speedo sensor pigtail at far rear of trans.

Its easy for these to get crossed up if not labeled during removal.

I seem to have all the connectors mentioned plugged in already. I seriously do not recall unplugging this when I removed the heads, the engine runs fine with no -issues-thus-far.

I am having some other issue that may not be related but am not sure if this connector may have something to do with it:

- windshield wipers are on and won’t come off but do respond to different position settings from the steering column lever

- AC compressor not kicking on (was working before I started the work), however this may be related to something else, I could never get air to come out of the interior grilles and even replaced stepper motor, yesterday I inadvertently found out the 4-pin connector wires by the dryer under cowl were dry rotted and shorting out, I replaced these and now I have air coming out of vents so once the compressor issue is resolved AC will work perfectly.

I am not sure what this darn connector goes to, I’ll keep looking to see if I spot some female connector. In that area but so far no luck.
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Didn't notice anything like this in my engine bay this evening - as a 24v.
Are you sure you have yellow/black wires at connector at switch at bottom side of master cylinder? PO may have plugged wrong connector there, and maybe the yellow/black you're puzzling over now goes to the master, and the plug currently at the master goes somewhere else?

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Not sure, it’s possible he did all of the above, as you will see in my pics the yellow and black wires coming from harness have been spliced and then re wired to a black and grey/red wired connector I’ll double check.
Ok so after a little more cleanup it looks like the wires are either “tan and black” or “light brown and black”, not yellow, unless discoloration happened over years. I cleaned up a bit more and took a pic.
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I can find 3 connectors of that style, with colors in the yellow/tan/brown and solid black variety in the LF area of the engine bay...
1. L41 - Yellow/Black connector at bottom of master cylinder you've already looked at.
2. E4 - Yellow/Black connector at the backside of the LF marker light in the bumper.
3. L6 - Brown/Black connector at temp switch at left side of radiator.

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I can find 3 connectors of that style, with colors in the yellow/tan/brown and solid black variety in the LF area of the engine bay...
1. L41 - Yellow/Black connector at bottom of master cylinder you've already looked at.
2. E4 - Yellow/Black connector at the backside of the LF marker light in the bumper.
3. L6 - Brown/Black connector at temp switch at left side of radiator.

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This is great, not sure where you got those Axon Diagrams but they rock!

honestly, I got this rig from a guy who thought he owned an “Accord”. When Infirst got it I spent two months alone trying to restore it back to original with all my parts from my 91 164S Rosso that got crushed from a falling oak.

it’s almost 💯 % back to original but this is one of those left over extra BS items that may have been used to power an amplifier. For all I know It may not be needed, I already resolved the wiper issue and I will have the AC compressor running for sure tomorrow.
If I don’t find where it should plug to in the next 24 hours I might have to follow @richardbradford suggestion, just tuck it away.
I will look into it further and post an update tomorrow. Push come to shove I can always trace back to the fuse box, it may suck to do that but I am willing to give it a shot for clarity sake
Today I removed the AFM and took some more pics, confirming wires (Yellow Black “not tan”).
Wires come from wire loom that comes from upper side of firewall above Master.

I may try and trace back to Fuse box if possible.
Engine runs fine, no issues with anything else.

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You'll find that this loom terminates into a big round connector behind false fire wall. Pics below are of this loom, when I cleaned mine up. You can see where the yellow/black for the CDS switch at the master cylinder enters the loom, along with 3 other pairs of wires with similar connectors.

I really think that you have something else incorrectly plugged into switch at master cylinder. Have you verified 100% that you currently have a different yellow/black pair of wires at the plug at the master cylinder? Looks like PO or previous mechanic played musical wire connectors...
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I will have to verify. I’ll get back to you as soon as I get the chance to, and thank you for the clarification, I think you are right about mechanic or PO playing musical wires, surprisingly I had DiFatta check the car out before buying because it was closer to his shop than Carolinas and he did not say anything about this.
Was Paul still there as he has left their shop sometime ago?
I think he was, this was back in early ‘14
My god where did you get those beautiful connector diagrams. I have the full service manual off the cds’ in pdf form and would love to add those to my collection

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