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Parts wanted for an 60 Giulietta Berlina TI

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Hi Forum

maybe someone can help me with some parts.

I'm looking for the left chrome trim stripe. AR Number 1498.88.045
Nr. 20 in the Picture

On the speedometer is the glass broken. One around for sell?

Thanks for your help


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There are currently some TI parts on US Ebay right now, don´t know if the ones you need could be among them though....

Hi Rolf

Part #20 is generally called the rain gutter, unfortunately I don't have a spare.

I do have a spare speedometer face for a Series II Ti, but they are plastic, not glass ??

I have a '61 Series II RHD Ti - 10109*00647, the 6th-to-last Series II CKD G.d. assembled at the old Car Distributor's Assembly Works (CDA) in the city of East London, South Africa.



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Hi Greig

your right is plastic. Can you send me your details via pn?
Thanks for the info with part #20. Its sometimes difficult to find the right words.

The rain gutter trim can be replaced with a length of chrome-plated flexible plastic (or aluminum) u-shaped strip, which is made by 3M and others and is available in various sizes in auto supply stores, at least in the US. The material has adhesive inside the U but you might want to supplement that with something stronger.

See, for example,

Flash Sell 10ft 3M Silver Chrome Car Door Edge Guard Moulding Trim U Style | eBay

I put this material on my TI after a PO had tried to convert it to a plain Giulietta (i.e., no chrome trim) and it looks quite OEM.

Contact me off-line about #7

I just finished restoring my Ti series III Giulietta Ti Iii Serie -

I rebuilt the glass of the speedometer, 0:)

unfortunately for you it is in Km / H :frown2:

I send the same file, you can have it printed with laser for plexiglass.

By Max
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