Time to reduce the inventory….again
usable parts that are boxed and ready to ship
all have been inspected for damage
parts list…..if there is interest let me know and I will email you photos and info
column shroud 71-79
front signal lamps 86
water pump 93
water pump Spica
center console with digital cloclk S3
olumn shroud 85-94
seat rails 76
Spica pulley
tachometer 71
battery cable trunk
column switch 76
center console S4
spider seat belts 77
mass air flow meter 91, 93
spider coolant reservoir
A/C hoses
steering pump 93
fuse box
bumper lamps 93
brake rotors front/rear…used
2L pistons and liners …used
2L clutch/flywheel assemblies
2L head 77 rebuilder
wheel jacks 71-94. Complete and parts only
starters Spica
trunk mat 76
fan blades 2L
1.8 head rebuilder…pressure tested
shock absorbers Spica and KYB
valve covers 91-93
93 Shelving Material property Publication Box Room
Wood Shelving Publication Shipping box Hardwood
Shelving Publication Shipping box Wood Carton