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Next up on my Spider is probably front end work. Since there were so many "rubber bits" that were worn on this car, I am thinking there wasn't any maintenance on the front wnd either. And there is the clunking noises when I go over small bumps.

This is not a job I want to do twice, so I want to replace all the ball joints, bushings, etc. at the same time. Is there a sticky or thread somewhere that outlines the parts I should get?

I have scoured the IAP catalog (nice diagram) and come up with this list:
Upper, lower and inner ball joints
Upper control arm caster bushing
Upper control arm inner bushing
Lower A-arm bushing, plus cup, nut and cap
Sway bar center bushing

Have I left anything out? Are there any actual hard parts (tie rods, etc.) that I should look at/aquire?

If this is in the wrong forum section, I apologize.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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