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Hey folks,

I've got a bunch of largish parts cluttering my loft, and would like to reclaim some space. I don't have a detailed list, but from memory I've got at least the following:

2 liter Spica engine, transmission (rebuildable cores)
Spider hoods (I probably have 5-6 of them, might have your color!)
Step nose GTV hood
Alfetta Sedan hood
Milano Verde hood (I've got a lot of **** hoods!)

Various glass, windshields (few Spider windshields)

Milano front bumper assembly

Spider top frame, complete with grungy top

Dedion tubes

Most of the sheet metal is straight, but cosmetically challenged. Needs cleaning up, perhaps some minor surface rust addressed, and painting (there are no holes or rot).

Ping me if you have any needs. I could take some pictures, but want to avoid dragging the stuff out unless there is serious interest in it. I'm not looking to get rich off any of it, as I said I need the space more than I need the money, so I probably wouldn't refuse any half reasonable offer for any of the above.

I'll be at the convention in Detroit (whoo hoo!) with my enclosed trailer, so delivery there is ideal. No packing and shipping..

Best to contact me on my e-mail, [email protected]


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If Brian doesn't have what you need let me know. I'm sure there is something for everyone at the Alfarm and it too can be delivered to Detroit. That is the ONLY way for big stuff, I aint packing or palletizing nothin!!

Just make sure bs gets first was his thread after all,
and I'll ask him!!!:D

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