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Yes worried about customs with the boot lid as will be close to $1k NZ dollars :eek:

I'm just under this amount so @Vernolese I think I should purchase this alone, but I will wait for your reply here before I pull the trigger. I had to pay customs duty for an engine block years ago, and I will walk over nails before I pay those horrid people again!

Catching up reading weekly forum emails and saw this thread. A few of us in the Wellington area have grouped up in the past - we normally allocate the freight by value but that's not optimal. The better way is by the suggestion -
Simple math.. have each individual person who wants to place an order receive a freight quote on his part alone from the supplier... add all the individual quotes together and apply each on a percentage of that total to the whole order real freight. You can't do it fairly based on the value of the parts.
However it can become a mission!

In regard to 'Duty' - not payable on parts for older vehicles but GST is payable if the import cost is more than $1,000. If the overseas supplier is registered for NZ GST (I don't think Alfaholics are?) the supplier charges NZ GST on all purchases regardless of value. No Customs clearance charges then apply and goods come through much more quickly. I like that and am happy to pay GST on all my purchases, same as I would if I'd bought locally but probably at a much higher cost. I think Aus work the same way with GST on imports.
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