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Parting out 77 Spider

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Stripped and ready to ship! :)
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Stripped and ready to ship! Thanks for catching the typo dude.
Looking for complete seats for a '74 Spider.

77 spider

Hello, I am inerested in the wheels if there in good shape. In addition the V grill just under the front bumper,rear light assy. and the dash if there are no cracks. Thanks Rick
Also looking for carello headlight kit if you have it thanks brendan
V grille went M.I.A. but will let you know if I find it as I will keep you on a list. Unfort I dont have a carello headlight kit.
Seat material is brittle and crunchy (rotten). Do you feel that any part of the seat could be used?
Yes, if you take it apart I could use the hinges that hold the back to the bottom. Sometimes the screws that hold them together rust out. Also, the tracks that the seat screws into if their in good shape. What year is your Spider and where are you located?

1 - 11 of 11 Posts