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Part two of detailing and cleaning your spider engine

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By now you should have a mostly clean engine. The work here will really pay off. Find a local plater who can refinish your bits. The original gold cad pieces will have to be done with Gold passive. here in the UK this is being phased out over the next year so you may have to find another option. The silve bits including the bonnet latches are done in silver zinc.

Other details are the head bolts and the manifold. I got a chemical blacking kit from FROSTS which works great. Use it to refinish the head bolts. make sure you torque them back in the correct sequence. The manifold was painted with grey manifold paint. Note I removed and replaced all the nuts for the manifold as well.

The radiator fans were scrubbed clean and clear coated with UPOL which costs a fortune but is worth it. The cam cover was bead blasted and clear coted. Use the right stuff and it will not yello with the heat, thats why I use UPOL Paints.

If you don't have a good memory take pictures during disassembly of every part and nut and bolt so you know where they go.

Below are pictures of the cam cover before and after, the engine at about halfway cleaning point and you can see the difference in the exhaust manifold in two of the pictures.

My plater works quickly. Eventually I had a pile of newly plated parts. Everything you see came off my engine, its amazing what a bunch of cleaning will do!

Now comes the fun part - putting it all back together. See next thread..


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