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Parking Vancouver, British Columbia whilst cruising to AlaskaHelp

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This is a specific request for help finding more affordable parking whilst cruising to Alaska beginning 31 August and returning 24 September 2007. Canada Place's parking is $15 Canadian per day = $375. That would hopefully be safe; but a big penalty to pay for not driving all the way to Anchorage<g>.

If you have cruised and parked less expensively or are a Vancouver resident and willing to cut me a deal on a safe parking place . . . Do you know of a hotel? We plan on spending both the night before and the night after the cruises in Vancouver?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Best Wishes,
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I'm in Richmond and have room for you to park here. It's a subdivision so we have lots of on street parking. I am about 30-45 min away from Canada Place.

Otherwise will the hotels let you park there while you are away? Check their websites. My son and daughter in law parked in Seattle at their hotel when they flew to Chicago and it was free for the week they were away.
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