Had these Italian-made Webers on the shelf for a while. Believe the 32's were on the 1750's and Euro-spec 2000's. I needed to rebuild another pair of 40's for a client and thought I should just do four of them. I've cleaned (ultrasonic) and inspected everything and jetted them as they were originally. I can also jet them to any configuration for the cost of any jets I would need to buy. Left the covers off/loose so the internals would be visible:
  • New idle mixture screws
  • All new gaskets
  • New float needles and seats
  • New pump springs
  • New jet covers
  • Main Jets - 130
  • Idle Jets - 55 F17
  • Emulsion Tubes - F9
  • Air Correctors - 200
  • Choke - 65 F5
  • Pump - 35
I think this is a good price on these. Not trying to be rude, but please don't low-ball me... I'm too busy and would rather just keep them on the shelf for our next project than waste time negotiating.


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