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Pair of Dellorto DHLA carbs for sale

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Pair of Dellorto 40DHLA carbs for sale.
These carbs came off a car running at sea level. I did not go about tuning them as I started my tear-down after only a few drives at a mile high.
They need a good once over but should to the job well in anyones' Alfa.
The only thing i need to point out is that the previous owner appears to have broken a mixture needle (photo below). I discovered this after removing sealant from the top of it. I would think your local machinist should be able to remove it without too much trouble.
They come ready with the Alfa ball & socket linkage.
I'm open to offers from anyone interested.


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Would $200 be a fair asking price for these?
yes. would anyone pay 200? Nuther the other aluminum ID tag present? ciao jc
No...just the one I'd tag.
Thank you

Hello, if the carbs are still available please contact me.
Thank you,
Christopher is pending. I'll keep you posted.
These have been sold.
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