Pair of NOS Weber 45 DCOE 14 carbs, as originally fitted to GTA 1600 cars. Upon purchase of these carbs, they were sent off to Gordon Raymond for him to go through. Upon receipt he contacted me regarding the finish, after some discussion he determined that the finish was original and had never been refinished, further inspection by Gordon verified his thoughts that these are an unused pair. So here is a rare opportunity to acquire a beautiful matched set of 14's, to either replace a pair of clapped out carbs or perhaps remove the incorrect Spanish 152's found on more and more GTA's with the correct and original versions, top shelf cars should be correct IMHO. Asking $6500 for carbs alone, $7250 with intake and new 45 mm carb mounts. Plus shipping, if interested please contact me via PM's for additional info and payment terms.
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