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Painting engine compartment

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While I have the engine out of my '67 spider, I would like to have the engine compartment cleaned and painted. So far no luck finding anyone interested in doing the work. Does anyone know of a body shop in the area that might be willing to take on the dirty task? Eastern Mass would be convenient, but anywhere in the area would be ok. The engine looks nice and is ready to go in, but I hate to put it into 40 years worth of built up grease and mess.
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If you're up for a couple of weekends of work and not building a show car, it's not that hard to do the painting yourself ... if you don't insist on a multi-part automotive paint. I did my GTV myself using spray cans. Before and after pix are here: Engine Photos. A larger image of the finished product is here: New Page 1.

A heavy duty engine compartment cleaner from the auto parts store and kerosene -- applied well away from anything that could ignite it -- got the the gunk out and did not harm the paint. You can buy paint to match the car's body color and have it put in spray cans. Somewhere on the BB is more information about that and can most likely be found with the search feature.

I hated the thought of doing the job, but once I got started found it wasn't that bad or that time consuming. My son has also painted his GTV, with excellent results.
That website is The spray can will cost you around $32 including shipping.
The best thing is to paint it with a cheaper spray can that can be bought from your local auto store, then apply the last coat with the actual color.
This way you don't have to buy a lots of the actual paint color from and saves you money.

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