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paint codes for interior blue trim and wheels 84 spider?

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Where do I find the piant code or paint for the blue interior trim for my 84 alfa spider veloce? does Duplicolor or SEM brand of vinyle dyes have anything close out of a can?

I would also like to paint the the stock 5 spoke wheels the aluminum/silver color . amy ideas where i could find paint or is there a paint code for them? thanks mike chattanooga tn
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Hey Mike, I dug thru my old PPG book a couple of months and posted all the exterior colors Alfa has used under Restoration but had nothing for interior or trim. I doubt SEM will have a spray can close to the color you need but if you can spray it yourself the paint store can custom mix SEM in quart cans. I would remove a small piece and have them match to the color on the back side of the piece rather than the faded front side. As for wheels, I did some spot in work on a silver 86 Quad and still had a pint of silver b/c left. It looks like a good match for the bumpers and wheels on my 85, I've already painted the bumpers and am trying to get the wheels done before the Italian car Sunday Drive they are having the 14th of next month.
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