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guys this poster

seems to be a very newbie with very limited understanding of 164 specifically, and apparently no research on the site before posting. Not sure what his/her overall level or competence is. We need to ask/determine this poster's level of a) awareness of basic mechanical/electrical principles and troubleshooting/repair, b) accessibility of 164 24V documentation, and c) endpoint desires/ viewpoint before we can really help.

Whilst I know we are all eager to help, lets get a measure of frosti's overall car skills and then some idea as to how much he/she can help him/herself (via limited research) before we try to take a weekend golfer onto a pitch to summit Everest! (A "little" over the top (HA) but you get the point...)

Frosti, chime in here so we can get some understanding of 'where you are at' with this---???Thanks
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