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My AC system has a slow leak. I think it is a schrader valve, but havent been able to nail down for sure. Last season it worked all summer after a top up in the spring. A couple weeks ago, I put 2 cans of ES12 in the system. I put refrigerant in until the low side climbed to around 40 to 45 psi. The AC worked ok after that, not as good as in the past when I have seen vent temps in the 40's and below. Today it was 100F and the ac was pulling vent temp down to 70... 30 degrees but not good enough. THe low side gauge reading is now 45 to 50 psi. I dont have a high side gauge. I bled some refrigerant, by cracking the valve and the pressure went to 2 or 3 psi, then back to 45-50 when closed. No real difference in vent temp. When the valve is closed and I rev the motor past 1500 rpm, the pressure drops to 25 to 30, dropping as I rev and rebounding as it returns to idle. Sound right?

What's the next move here? continue to bleed ref? give up and take it to a shop? Add another can? any advice would be appreciated.

Sorry for the long post.
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