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Otto Zipper Tipo 33

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Hi Everybody,
I picked up these parts from Steve Forristall in Houston about 2 years ago. Steve raced / owned many incredible Alfas over the years. SZ, Giulia TZ, TZ2 and the Otto Zipper Tipo 33, just to name a few. as well as some amazing Shelbys - Daytona Coupe and a original as raced GT 350.

Following are some pictures of the tripod mirror and rear quarters. The Otto Zipper car had the one and only 4 litre V8.
panel decals.
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Interesting stuff. Is it for sale?

I went to Forristall's in March 1985. At the time he had an amazing variety of cars, including a one off 1950's Ferrari Spyder, and more importantly to this group, an original Disco Volante. Unfortunately, I can not find my picture of the Disco, only some of the other cars he had.
Forristall was a terrific guy, passionate and dedicated to sports car profession.
This stuff is available, but it would take a serious offer to add it to someone else's collection.
I'm considering putting these parts in next years Automobilia Monterey Expo, but until then I open to discussion.
The premier book on the Tipo 33 is a must read for all interested in these iconic car.
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