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Other T-shirt ideas

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Over this past weekend I had a change to visualize a few additional ideas for shirts.
Someone suggested they might like an Ansa muffler shirt. I did a little research and found an old sticker that was on an old Fiat.
I think it would make a decent back of shirt image... possibly on its own on a shirt front too. Here's the image:


In case you didn't know, Marmitta is muffler in Italian. Marmitte is mufflers. I did the best I could and recreated the above:

I couldn't find the exact font but got fairly close. The thing that bothered me with ANSA is the main logo design. If you look closely, you'll see its a fairly uninspired illustration. Looks like a grade school kid drew it. I thought about re-doing it but decided against that. It would be easy to improve the drawing but then it wouldn't be correct.

So here's what I have to start with:



I didn't expect to enjoy doing this as much as I am. As a mostly ex- graphic designer, its a nice creative outlet.
Let me know what you guys think.
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And then there's this... How many of you Alfa guys are into vintage rallying? A small group of the Porsche guys I hang with are and so am I. I'm a contributing writer for 000 Magazine and earlier this year wrote a story about vintage rally equipment. I have a few mechanical watches in my car. Also a Halda Twinmaster which is an accessory rally odometer that reads to 100th of a mile instead of the usual 10th. Here's a photo of my interior that was used for the article:


The stopwatches were made by the Swiss company Heuer. Tag bought Heuer in the mid 1980s so today they're called Tag-Heuer.
I'm not really into Tag-Heuer at all... only Heuer. Heuer has a HUGE following with many, many collectors out there. Heuer was really immersed in motorsports back in the day.
My watches above are from left to right, Monte Carlo (stopwatch), Master-Time (clock) and a Sebring (split-timer stopwatch).

A very popular combo for the dash was the Rally-Master. That was two watches, a Monte Carlo and a Master time. That's what the next shirt is based on.
Here it is:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Thanks guys.
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Looks good on the black tee! The logo is a bit lame...I suppose you could drop the illustration and just keep the ANSA and checkered bit.
How much would you charge for the Ansa shirt?
I had a shirt idea a while ago. Never ended up making it though, maybe now's a better time?
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I would be down for that ANSA shirt for sure, I like it how it is. Though I prefer the smaller red logo over the left chest as compared to the center.
These shirts would be the same cost as the others I did... $20 plus shipping. Thanks for your interest.
I quite like the style and colors of the Marmitta Speciale banner. Nice idea.
I like the ANSA shirt with just a crest over the chest or perhaps an enlarged crest on the back. TH shirt is also cool.
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I wanted to get the ball rolling on the Ansa shirt but I have hip replacement surgery scheduled for November 10th... I'll be out of commission for a little while. Hopefully not too long. I'm hoping the surgery will help me because I've been hobbling around in pain for the last 3 months
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All the best for a speedy recovery Mark!
Thanks Phil... I'm not looking forward to it but I have to get it over with
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