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Hi all,
I have a US spec 75 Spider 2000 that the previous owner changed from fuel injected to twin Solex's. The car seems to be running very rich (cant get any kind of blue flame with color tune and the car "hunts") it also backfires out the exhaust on deaccaleration. I have fitted a slightly higher lift cam but nothing major.
The Solex's are running 150 mains and 47 idle jets. Most of the problem seems to be coming from the idle jets as it is good when you put your food down but dosn't run particually nicely at lower speeds.
I am going to order some 40 and 45 jets but as these are about as small as you can get I was keen to get a set of origional idle jets in case mine have been drilled. Only thing.... not sure what the origional size jets should be on these.
Many Thanks in advance for any and all input.
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