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I have the following items for sale:


Body Shop manual Pubblic. No. 1571 $50
Giulia Special Tools Poster Pubblic. No. 1226 $50


$25 each

Giulia Sprint GT technical specifications Pubblic. No. 1209
Giulia Super technical specifications Pubblic. No.1129 and comes with
Supplement dated 11/1965 publication number​
Supplement Pubblic. No. 1718​
Giulia 1300 TI technical specifications Pubblic. No. 1205 and comes with
Supplement Pubblic. No. 1451​


Spider 1600 (Duetto) Spare Parts Catalog Pubblic. No. 1251 "minty" $130 SOLD!
Spider 1600 (Duetto) Spare Parts Catalog Pubblic. No. 1251 "tattered" $65
the tattered one is missing a single original page. A copy has been inserted​


Catalogo Rapido Per L'ordinatione di Ricambi Originali Pubblic. No. N/A "tattered" $50
This is a very rare parts catalog. I've only seen two since I've been collecting. It covers all of the common fasteners found on Alfas thru 1972. Every Alfa publication I have seen has a page with the publication number, date and quantity. This one did not have one. I verified this with Centro Documentazione SOLD!

Multi Language:

April 1968 Guide to Service Network Pubblic. No. 1344-R1 $25
January 1967 Guide to Service Network SOLD!

If I have forgotten anything, please don't hesitate to ask. If you want more pics, just ask. All shipping within the US will be in a priority mail "if it fits, it ships" box.


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