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I sent Ken a message as well.

This is parts catalog, Pub. 634, dated 7/1958, is actually quite interesting. I have never seen it before (didn't even know it existed). It seems to be bilingual in Italian and English languages, and printed in an edition of only 500 copies.

The parts catalogs I know about are the parts catalog Pub. 685, in Italian , dated 1/1959 (1200), which was later amended with the 102 Sprint parts, and Pub. 728, in English, dated 11/1960 (1000), which was AFAIK was never amended with 102 Sprint parts.

I asked Ken if I could lend the catalog for scanning (a few years ago, I gave my scans of Pub. 985 to Papajam for inclusion in the AROC Tech Library). Either way, I hope this parts catalog goes to a good home.
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