I bought these a couple of years ago thinking I was going to build a hot 1300, but I decided to use a bigger engine instead, so these are no longer needed. When I bought them, they were smooth, shiny, and perfect looking. I really wanted an original set because I love that the tubing is not constant section but tapered from top to bottom. I also liked the cast iron flanges where they mate to the head. Upon closer inspection I realized that there were thin spots on the lower sections that had just been glossed over, so I stripped the lower sections and welded in some new material. This was done by cutting out the thin areas, shaping a repair section with the proper curvature, then brazing it in place. I also decided to just replace the final 1" of one of the tubes and its flange as the flange was distorted and the lower tube had been badly repaired at some point. I fixtured the entire system before welding, using a spare cylinder head and a new muffler section to make sure it all lines up when installed in the car. The result is a very sound and straight pair of headers. I put a thin coat of black header paint on them just for corrosion protection. I know some people like Jet-hot or ceramic coatings, some like graphite, and some like high-heat paint, so I have left the final coating up to you.

If you want more detailed photos, let me know. If you think they are too expensive, make me an offer. Price does not include shipping, but I only expect to be reimbursed for my actual shipping charges.