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Opinions on Megasquirt/ thread locations

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I'm thinking of using this system on my 88 Spider and I know ther are a lot of threads on here regarding it, but I was having trouble locating all the info I wanted. If somebody can advise me or point me towards some threads regarding the pro's and cons of this, how hard it was to install/tune, where to find software, and what major issues I may run into with the spider, or why I should use a different system, etc. I would appreciate it. My goal is a measley 225-250 fully streetable, turbocharged HP, then I'll move up from there if necessary.:D
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The MegaSquirt forums have the most info - MegaSquirt® EFI by Bowling and Grippo

If you can track down Peter Webb, he installed ms in his LJet spider. He's in the Chicago area.
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