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Opening GT's Trunk

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Can someone please tell me where the trunk-opening latch is for a '67 Sprint? Apparently different from that on a '71 GTV.

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my 68 GTV latch is on the inside of the drivers side door pillar.

- Jim
My 67 GTV has it's trunk latch on the pass. side
So it is always on the right of the car when sat inside facing front. My car is RHD (UK Car) I guess yours is LHD Pascal.:D

- Jim
Hi Jim,

I have a 68 GTV and it's RHD but my boot (trunk) latch is in the passenger (left side when sitting in the driver's seat) side door pillar.

I thought it was on the "wrong" side to be consistent with LHD cars but it is just "Alfa consistent" to have no sense at all. It was an Australian delivered car as well, not converted.

My assumption for LHD cars is that the navigator/co-pilot is in charge of managing the storage of items in the trunk. ;-)
I was told that one or two years it was on the right hand side (passenger), which made the cable shorter. Then it was moved to the driver side, which made the cable go diagonally across the car.

In my opinion, I do not need a navigator/co-pilot in my GTV unless I am on a rallye :)... Hence I consider the driver (left hand size) to be more customer-friendly. Of course, I am ingoring the opinion of alfistas in right-hand drive countries.

more nonsense

Well, here's one that makes no sense from LHD or RHD perspectives. My 69 USA gtv 1750 series 1 has the lever for allowing the backs of the front seats to be folded forward located on the inner sides of the seat backs (furthest from the doors). Originally I thought the PO had rotated the seats, perhaps to even out wear, but have since seen several other cars with the same configuration.

You'll probably find the seats were rotated by an owner. The series 1 mostly had the passenger head rest adjustable and the driver's fixed so they were often rotated.
Thanks for the enthusiastic discussion here! My '71 had it on the pass. side, so I was programmed to find one there too on the '67. The '67 was sold in Rome, LHD, and brought into the U.S. - latch on passenger side. Better than no latch at all!
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