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One set of Carrilo Rods for a 2000 or 1750 engine with the carr bolts.
These are the bolts that do not need replacing when doing a rebuild
or freshening. THESE RODS ARE NEW.

One set of Ward and Dean race springs.
These should be used for a race or track car only according to Alan ward.

I bought these parts for a race car i was building but was not able to finish
and these are the last of all the parts i had.

If you are interested in these parts PLEASE E MAIL OR PHONE ME.

MY e mail is [email protected]
My phone number is 909 5930047

You may call any time as i usually stay up late but i am in and out a lot
in the day time because i go to the gym and Bowl quite a bit.
If you call and i am not in leave a message and i will gladly call you back.

Best regards Bill BOwering
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