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One of my 75's

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Hello !
What do you think ?

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PS : the next is 75 evoluzione, I think in one month...
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cool! except i have to use the scroller to view the whole car.
Hello !
Yes, sorry for the size.. If administrator can resize this, it's fine !
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Looks very good - especially I like your wheels, looks tough.
Nice one mate!
Like the brown leather - sweeet.
Best option you could have gone for in wheels!

Interior also looks excellent. If you got a nice modern steering wheel it would really bring the interior back up to date. It reminds me of Nizam's interior actually.

The pics are from 03

that interia is the same as mine.

But very nice.
That interior looks really good. I wish the platinum would have had that interior instead!
Are those the 14 inch wheels from the serie numerata? Looks good...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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