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You may remember I posted a question about how to extract a recalcitrant oil relief valve from the oil pump. Thanks to several posters, I was successful in removing the small piston, removing any corrosion with emery cloth, and grinding smooth the "valve contact area."

I just tested my 315,000 mile old 1975 sedan with a 850 mile RT from Pasadena to San Francisco. Much driving was on secondary and tertiary roads (some dirt) along the San Andreas Fault. I'm happy to report a great drive was had, with a consistent 60 PSI of oil pressure at 3000 RPM. MPG averaged about 29 MPG over the trip, which I think indicates I am running a bit lean. After returning, I moved the barometric compensator valve from N to C to get a minor shift to a richer mixture.

Thanks to all, especially to Mr Gordon, who educated me on a lot of obscure oil pump lore.

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