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When I went through the Duetto`s bottom end checking bearings to insure no damage from a weekenf of RPMs in excess of 8500 RPMs and persistant ignition issues, I decided to install a oil pump with common 105/115 oil pick up design and helical cut gears.
I re-clearanced the pump and taper cut the oil exit hole to relieve pressure spikes on the pump internals (that are as well distributed to the distributor).
After finishing up the lower end and closing it up, I attempted to instal two different Distributors. The New MSD Type Volkswagen 4 Cyl distributor with the drive socket modified to match the Alfa drive reciever on the oil pump shaft, then the normally used Marelliu Plex. Both were too short???

I called Gordon and he allowed as I had suspected as I compared 3 different Type oil pumps in the shop that all Alfa pumps had the sane shaft length above the mount surface.

Fearing a instal issue I dropped the lower pan bottom and found no issue with the pump instal as to being tight on the front cover.

But still no justification for the shorter (6mm) shaft length???
Anyone experienced such an issue?
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